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26 januari 1996 - Art, Projects

maartje-sinclairNevejan was trained in the theatre in New York at the Stella Adler Conservatory, in Rome by Peter Brook Company and in the Netherlands Toneelschool Amsterdam.
She played in lots of plays, films and TV productions between 1987 and 1999.
She founded several companies, which resulted in a self-written play, which became a movie and for which the whole collective was awarded Best actors in 1997.
After that, her focus shifted from theatre to film, from actress to director.


2004 Amsterdamprijs

amsterdamprijsDirector of the Amsterdam price 2003 in the Stadsschouwburg.


2003 Fiction Value

Fiction ValueDirector of the 2 days-festival “Fiction Value” in Amsterdam West, with teenagers of several ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
Ditstv made a documentary about this project.


2002 De Bangbus

Director of the performance “De Bangbus” (the Fright Bus), a multimedia spectacle in Amsterdam West with teenagers.


2002 Station to Station

station-stationDirector of the 4 hours live performance in the Amsterdam red light district Station to Station.


1991-1999 De Akteurs

Founded by a collective of actors, who wanted to write, direct and create their own plays. Nevejan was the founder, working together with the American acting coach Warren Robertson.

“Working without a director on ‘Children of the Sun’ may not have led to the most orthodox concept, but it did result in a play that is alive; as chaotic and capricious as life itself” – Utrechts Nieuwsblad, Eric van der Velden

broos-theater“Broos is one of those shows where, when it’s over, women spontaneously hug, men are wondering what’s wrong with them and the dog is comfortably cuddling with its paws up” – de Volkskrant, Hein Janssen
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Nevejan performed in: Kinderen van de Zon (Gorki), Pyrrho gaat naar Athene (Dirk van Weelden), Broos (collective), Stil leven zeg (collectief), Ik Woon Bij Mij (collectief), Waar waren we ook al weer gebleven (Bovenberg and Nevejan).


1987-1993 Art&Pro, Frans Strijards

While still in school, Nevejan started her acting career in this leading repertory group in the Netherlands. The group was awarded many times.

Stendhal’s Syndrome
stendhal“An overwhelming show, a fantastic programme of free movements. This is the World Championship ballroom dancing, figure skating and gymnastics all in one and the winner is: Frans Strijards, author and director (…) the effect is dazzling. Art&Pro, without a doubt the country’s most virtuoso repertory group.” – Jac Heijer, Volkskrant.

‘Kafka’s Dick’
“Small penis, great work. Well done; with a captivating Kafka, played by Paul Hoes, and a bone dry but devastating Maartje Nevejan as the wife.” – De Morgen


Nevejan performed in

Syndroom van Stendhal & Hensbergen & Sporen, both by Frans Strijards.
Rit over het Bodenmeer & Laatste der onverstandigen, by Peter Handke.
Yvonne van Gombrowicz, in cooperation with Blauwe Maandag Compagnie.
Kafka’s Kruis, by Alan Bennet
A performance on Jozef Beuys.

Cooperation and performances with other companies:
De Zaak, Persona, Blauwe Maandag Compagnie, Wereldpremieres, Nachtschade, het Lokaal.