Virtual Fatherlands- Documentary

2 april 2004 - Documentary, Projects

A documentary about the Virtual Fatherland of Armenia.  The film is an investigation into reality and the myth behind countries that come into being in people’s heads.

Firtual FatherlandsIt seems like the more we are pressured to globalise, to become one, the more we feel the need to be different from those around us. Director Nevejan follows 5 people who live in the Netherlands, were born in Estonia, Turkey, Indonesia, Lebanon and USSR, but who all “feel” Armenian.
‘Virtual Fatherlands’ aims to convey a very universal theme: that on the one hand, everyone’s identity is comprised of verifiable reality, and on the other hand by imagination and desires. Neither side is truer than the other. We all invent ourselves, to a greater or lesser extent.

Producer: nummer 4 2004 nummer 6 2004

Virtual Fatherlands was selected for AFFMA filmfestival in Hollywood! (5 – 10 october 2004)